B2B Video Marketing: Do’s and Dont’s

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Navigating the dynamic landscape of video marketing requires a delicate balance of effective strategies and avoiding common pitfalls. Crafting a compelling narrative involves several do's and dont's that brands must take into consideration.

More and more people are loving videos these days, especially with TV and streaming on the rise. But here’s the thing—just because a video looks good doesn’t mean it’s a hit in marketing. It could miss the mark with the audience, end up on the wrong platform, or not talk about the product in the right way. There are tons of ways a video can go wrong.

So, if you’re a brand trying to get new leads, it’s smart to be careful when planning your video strategy. But, here’s the exciting part: if you get it right, the rewards can be awesome! In this post, I’ll share some friendly tips on how you can make sure your video strategy is a winner. Let’s dive in! 🚀

Do Define a Clear Message:

  • Imagine you’re promoting a 5G service for the healthcare industry. Keep your message clear and focused. Stick to the theme and facts.
  • Identify three to five ways 5G benefits healthcare and build your script around that.
  • Explainer videos should be light and educational, so avoid unnecessary sales talk.

Do Keep It Concise:

  • People rarely watch videos longer than five minutes. Keep it short and to the point.
  • For testimonials or use case videos, include only the most useful information.
  • Structure case studies with a problem, solution, and outcome format for clarity without sacrificing the narrative.

Do Invest in Production:

  • A well-produced video has a significant impact. Even with tight budgets, investing in production is key.
  • A promotional video can bring a brand story or product journey to life. Make the effort to get it right.

Do Include a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA):

  • After someone watches your video, what’s next? Consider the goals of your campaign and the user journey.
  • If your video is on a landing page, think about the next steps users should take. Whether it’s through ads or emails, guide your audience to the next phase of their journey.

Creating great videos is about clarity, brevity, quality, and guiding your audience to the next steps. 🎬✨

Now, here are some friendly and straightforward “don’ts” for creating videos:

Don’t Make It Super Salesy:

  • Videos usually fit into the awareness and consideration phases of a marketing campaign. Avoid overly sales-oriented content.
  • Even for sales presentations, focus on product benefits or use case information rather than being overly pushy.
  • Nobody enjoys feeling like they’re being sold to, so keep it informative and engaging.

Don’t Ignore Mobile Optimization:

  • People now watch videos on their phones more than on laptops. Ensure your video looks great on smaller screens.
  • Optimize for mobile without neglecting other devices, as watching on a larger screen could lead to pixelation issues.

Don’t Forget About Analytics:

  • Don’t miss out on valuable insights by neglecting to analyze the success of your video.
  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand what success looks like for you. Do you want more engagement or are shares more critical? Collect data to measure success against your targets.

Lights, Camera, Action:

  • With numerous brands creating lots of content, it’s crucial to make your content stand out.
  • Video is increasingly popular in B2B as it captures the attention of younger audiences who are more screen-oriented. If you’re diving into video, make sure to do it well.

Lights, camera, action—make your video shine in the crowded content landscape! 🎥✨

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Deb. A

Deb. A

Deb has been working with B2B companies well over 25 years. He is the CEO & Co-Founder of Tech Neon Sdn. Bhd., a B2B digital marketing agency based out of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Today Neon boasts of clients from various industries including the Bursa, Stock Market of Malaysia, UNICEF, ByteDance, Persolkelly, Pacific Inter-Link, Fresenius Medical and many more.
Deb loves to read novels and produce short documentaries in his free time. One of his documentaries on the rainforests in Malaysia was chosen for the NYX Awards in 2020 and went on to win the Silver Prize

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