Benchmark Your Organization Vs. Your Competitor's Digital Marketing

Are your competitors showing up on digital platforms like Google and LinkedIn more often than you?

Start with a detailed audit of your competitor’s digital marketing activities and find out

1. Where do you stand against them?

2. What exactly are your competitors doing?

3. And how much they might be spending?

Competitor's Digital Marketing Audit - 3 Reports-in-1

1. Search Engine Marketing Audit

If you are not on Google’s 1st page and your competitors are already there, you are missing out on opportunities. To be on the 1st page of Google there are several strategies one might adopt. Which one will be the best for you and what might be needed to do to achieve that? We will find out for you what your competitors are doing to stay on the 1st page of Google 

Search Engine Marketing with Google logo in it

2. Social Media Marketing Audit

Your customers perceive you every day from what they see online. If your posts on social media platforms like LinkedIn are not showing up regularly, but your competitor’s posts are, there might be a gap you must know. We will analyze your competitor’s post frequency and social media strategy and what they might be doing to engage with your customers.

Social media marketing for B2B with LinkedIn logo

3. Content & Video Marketing Audit

B2B companies exhibit their thought leadership through content marketing. These can be in the form of blogs, explainer videos, infographics, white papers, case studies, etc. When these are distributed online, they help in establishing brand authority as well as aid in organic ranking (SEO). Let’s find out if your competitors are using content and if so, what are they doing?

Benefits of the Audit For B2B Companies

Need Analysis

Digital marketing can be overwhelming. However, you might not be required to do everything. Determine what you actually need to do to be above your competition 

Strategic Planning

A strategic approach is essential to ensure success. Ad-hoc initiatives seldom work and can be a waste of resources. Let’s determine the path before you start the journey 

Budget Planning

Understanding what your competitors are doing and most probably spending helps you to decide on a number you might have to invest to get similar if not better results 

Solutions Digital Marketing Offers to B2B Companies

Generate More Leads

With targeted and impactful campaigns, we help you increase your sales pipeline. We help you design a strategy and execute it for you. Our solutions are practical, cost-effective and scalable

Create Awareness

We schedule, create, and deliver continuous social media posts for LinkedIn and other platforms. We help you create videos, blog posts, and news articles to consistently increase your brand awareness

Enter Foreign Markets

We identify target audience in your selected markets and connect on LinkedIn. We make sure your campaigns and posts are seen and engaged with. We develop display ads, search and video ads and distribute them in the selected markets

Launch New Products

We create impactful product videos, explainer videos, fact sheets, landing pages and testimonial videos for your new launches. We run display ads, video ads, and search ads to get your new product in front of your chosen customers

Manage Online Reputation

We help write news articles, create emotional videos, and design posts around your sustainability, ESG, CSR, and employee safety initiatives. We also help share it on your LinkedIn and other digital platforms organically and through ad campaigns

Build A Personal Brand

We create impactful LinkedIn posts, thought leadership articles, and interview videos to demonstrate your expertise. We then reach out to online publications and portals to share these materials along with your LinkedIn page. We use Sales Navigator to consistently grow your follower base

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Our digital marketing solutions help B2B companies increase awareness, engage with their customers and build relationships. Our strategic approach, tried and tested models and content development services enables our clients to do more at less cost

Our B2B Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing

Getting noticed on search engines has been proven to be a strong growth driver

Social Media Advertising

Use targeted advertisements on LinkedIn to create awareness 

Social Media Management

Outsourced content creation and scheduling 

Display Advertising

Place advertisement on industry news sites and online portals

Email Marketing

Stay connected with your customers through personalized email campaigns

Content Marketing

Outsource research based blog writing on any topic

Video Production

Make corporate videos, sustainability videos, explainers and interviews

Google Search Ads

Get on the first page of Google immediately and get enquiries


Send regular eNewsletters to your clients and staff to keep top of mind

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